Stamps of PANAMA
1st ISSUE 1878
In 1878, the Estado de Panama, an administrative subdivision of Colombia, released its first publication, which included a series of stamps with denominations of 1c, 5c, 10c, and 50c (Scott 1-7). These stamps were intended for use within the local area only, as the post offices of the Estado de Panama were separate from the national post offices. However, during the civil war of 1885, a shortage of 5c stamps resulted in the bisecting of 10c stamps and the quadrisecting of 20c stamps, which were then used as a 5c rate. It's worth noting that four different postal markings were recorded during this time, including the PANAMA Oval cancellation mark.
1885ca: Cover front origin unclear to Panama franked with quadrisect of 1878 20c stamp (scott 3). With manuscript cancellation OFC-ADM-002 shown above. Ex-Castillejo.