Stamps of PANAMA
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1st ISSUE 1878
In 1878 the 1st issue of the Estado de Panama was printed, a set of 1c, 5c, 10c and 50c were issued (Scott 1-7). The post offices of the Estado de Panama were separated from the National post offices. These stamps were issued with the purpose of using them localy only. During the civil war of 1885 the stamp shortage of the 5c caused 10c stamps to be bisected and the 20c stamps to be quadrisected and used as 5c rate. There were four diferent postal markings rescorded PANAMA Oval.,
1885ca: Cover front origin unclear to Panama franked with quadrisect of 1878 20c stamp (scott 3). With manuscript cancellation OFC-ADM-002 shown above. Ex-Castillejo.