Stamps of PANAMA
1837: Sep 11, PANAMA straightline handstamp on folded letter datelined from Panama to Cartagena, then forwarded to Bogota, originally rated "2" reales but amended to "4" reales with additional "4" reales at left due for forwarding.
1825ca. Envuelta sin fechar circulada de PANAMA a BUENAVENTURA. Marca PANAMA/FRANCO en rojo, marca del periodo Colonial Español usada en el periodo Republicano. Earliest recorded cover with circled PANAMA FRANCO.
Via Panama 1822, October 24: Entire letter from Kingston (Jamaica) to Lima with '4' rate in manuscript, struck with straight-line PANAMA handstamp in red in transit. Interestting contents 'we have pleasure in forwarding you through the Isthmus a letter from England...'
1824-28ca: Adressed to Coronel T.C. Mosquera PANAMA red straightline handstamp on folded cover from Panama to Bogota, forwarded to Popayan, originally rated "4" reales but amended to "5" reales due to forwarding. T.C. Mosquera was Coronel only during 1824 to 1828.
1840: - Jan 27 to "Senor General Tomas Cipriano Mosquera Secretario de la gobernacion" with oval "PANAMA/DE OFICIO"  to Bogota.
1844: Nov 21 CHAGRE FRANCA well struck red oval handstamp on folded letter from Chagres to General Pedro Alcantara Herran in Bogota, who was serving at President of New Granada, manuscript "4" reales paying the triple rate up to 1oz.
1848: Sep 26 to "Senor General Tomas Cipriano de Mosquera" with oval "PANAMA/DE OFICIO"  to Bogota.
1849: - May 30 to "Senor General Tomas Cipriano Mosquera" from Valparaiso, Chile to Bogota privately forwarded to Panama with oval "PANAMA/DEBE" and handstruck "1 1/2" rating both in red. It was then re-addressed to Barranquilla.
Via Panama 1840, April 29:  Lima to London 29 April 1840 with Type I PANAMA/FRANCO marking and manuscript 4 1/2 reales rate.
1838: Sep 17 Adressed to "Senor General Tomas Cipriano Mosquera Secretario de la gobernacion" with oval "PANAMA/DE OFICIO"  to Bogota. Dated by Santa Maria.
PANAMA, 1857 "ADMINISTRACION DE CORREOS COLON, DABE" Folded letter, with clear strikes of red double-circle handstamp, carried privately before entering the mails in Colon where they received manuscript "15" centavos due markings. Sent to General Mosquera in Bogota, interesting to note the misspelling of "DEBE" as "DABE" (five examples recorded)
1849: - May 30 to "Señor Vicente Arboleda" via Panama,to Popayan with oval "PANAMA/DEBE" and struck "4" rating, the "1 1/2" was struck with another "4"
1835c.: Unpaid cover to Bogotá struck with oval framed "DEBE/CHAGRE." in red with manuscript notation "4 rs." at upper right.