Stamps of PANAMA
British Issues Used In Panama
5c, 10c, 20c, 50c
Dated Blue Cancel
Fournier 1878 Coat of Arms
Scan Work
Retardo of 1910
Postal History
Panama Recorded Covers
The Colombian Period 1821-1859
Regular Issues
1909 Booklet from sheets
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Direccion General de Correos Cancel
PANAMA Oval  Cancel
Colombia UPU Issues Used In Panama
Michelsen Essays
Colombia Issues Used In Panama
The Colonial Period To 1821
5c, 10c, 20c, 50c
British Post Office  Forwarding Agents
The Colonial Period
1909 Booklets
Colombian Stamps used in Panama
Map Issues Postal History Covers
Forwarding Agents
Air Mail Postal History Covers
Errors and Freaks
Local Post Offices
Expreso Mail
* Many of the context was taking from The Stamps of Panama 1878-2007: Vital Statistics by Federico Brid
1st Map Issue
2nd Map Issue
2nd Panama Overprint
3rd Panama Overprint
4th Panama Overprint
Revalued Provisional Surcharge
Discovering Cancels
1st Panama Overprint
Foreigner Usage
1894 Revalued Surcharge
1900 "R" Provisional Stamp
2nd Panama Issue Registered
2 ½c Retardo
The Colombian Period 1821-1859
Interesting Covers
Map Issues Postal History Registered Covers
4th Panama Overprint Registered
1878 1st Issue
Errors and Varieties
Souvenir Sheets
Congreso de Bolivar Series
The Colombian Period 1821-1859_Towns